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54/60 Days of Guild Wars 2

I’m not really fond of crafting. My mesmer only reached level 400 in cooking because I thought the food icons were cute. Aidan is 200 something huntsman for nearly a year now after I figured the precursor price increase too fast for me to be able to afford it.
Because of this, I don’t see the crafting window often. But yesterday I was in Fields of Ruin, and I wanted an item from the bank, so I quickly ran to the nearest crafting station to get it. It was the artificer station. I hadn’t seen the image before but I thought it looked very beautiful, so I decided to check out the others as well.
Even though I’ve spent time on some of the crafts, I never paid a lot of attention to the artwork. When you click on a recipe, most of it is obscured.
It’s a shame, isn’t it? It’s very beautiful and it must have taken a lot of time to make these.